Spray Lubricant

Spray Lubricants are greases or general-purpose lubes packed in convenient aerosol cans for quick use and for access to hard-to-reach areas that require lubrication.

Though these products may be used as general-purpose lubricants, a convenient extension tube may be included to reach areas that otherwise would be impossible to lubricate. Aerosol cans provide a means of lubricating larger areas in a short time considering their wide spray and ease of use. Since these products may sometimes be prone to clogging, it is recommended to turn the can upside down following use and spraying contents until only vapor comes out.

Spray Lubricants provide long-lasting lubrication and reduce friction on multiple surfaces including plastics. Hardening and breakage are nonissues with spray lubricants and they provide excellent resistance to water and evaporation. These lubricants are even permitted for use under high temperatures and may be of significantly high viscosities for lubricants deployed via aerosol cans.

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