Straight 80 for Normal Use

Straight 80 Grade Aviation Engine Oils for normal operation are designed to protect internal aviation engine components from wear during flight.

Intended for use in 4-stroke cycle certified aircraft piston engines, these oils are ideal for Lycoming and Continental flat aviation engines, fuel-injected and turbocharged aircraft piston engines, but are not recommended for use in automotive engines converted to aircraft.

These oils keep engine components free of debris and sludge, have excellent antiwear properties, and are compatible with most aviation oils. These oils meet or exceed the performance standards and specifications: Teledyne Continental MHS No. 24B, Lycoming No. 301-F, former MIL-L-22851D, SAE J-1899, Pratt and Whitney Service Bulletin No. 1183-S, Curtiss-Wright, and Franklin Engine Company.

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