Summer Air in a Can

Summer Air in a Can

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From the makers of Undercoating in a Can comes a revolutionary new product: Summer Air in a Can!

Did you know that temperature can drastically affect your tire pressure? While the effects are most obvious during the winter months, the summer heat may be affecting your tires without you even knowing it—until it’s too late.

Cold weather will cause your tire pressure to drop because the air molecules take up less volume. In the summer, the opposite happens: the heat causes the air to expand within your tire, making your tire pressure increase. For every 10 degrees increase in temperature, you can expect an increase of 1-2 pounds of pressure. An over-pressurized tire means a bumpy ride or worse: a popped tire.

The solution? Summer Air in a Can.

Summer Air in a Can is an aerosol tire inflator specially formulated to withstand temperature increases during the summer months. Our canned summer air is the easiest and safest way to inflate your tires in the heat. Best yet, our proprietary blend of N2, O2, Ar, H2O, and CO2 contains a pollutant-free additive package that is environmentally-friendly.

For a limited time only: now available in single 12 oz cans!

  • Suitable for cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles
  • Made from fresh, Pennsylvania air
  • Natural fresh air scent
  • Ready-to-use aerosol formula
  • CFC free

Before you blame the Department of Transportation for your bumpy commute, check your tire pressure!

Summer Air in a Can will leave you so happy you can’t help but sing:

Summer driving caused me a blast
Summer Air in a Can, fixed it so fast!

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  • 5
    Summer air

    Posted by Steve C. on Apr 03 2023

    I've been useing your summer air my results have been spectacular. I have a question I live in Florida and I get great gas mileage I think it's because I'm just above sea level, I hear your factory is at sea level. I'm planning on moving to Colorado when I retire. Will I get great gas mileage at a higher altitude and do you make mountain air? I figured if your company had a factory in Denver that altitude would help me continue to get great gas mileage. Thanks again for a great product!!!

  • 5
    Summer Air

    Posted by Scardini1 on Apr 04 2021

    Like most folks I lose sleep at night worrying about how old the air is in my tires. Admit it - you do too. In addition to the obvious benefits that Summer Air brings, I now have reason to change to air in my tires TWICE a year. This is just a wonderful place to be. No more worries. Livin' the dream.

  • 5
    The solution I didn't know I needed

    Posted by A really impressed customer on Apr 05 2019

    I never thought that I needed summer air for my tires, but it makes sense! I don't drive with my winter tires in the summer, do I? I've noticed far fewer fluctuations in tire pressure now that I'm using the right air. And the fresh scent is a nice touch! Smells like fresh flowers and pine needles. Reminds me of the Pennsylvania woods without the nasty ticks. I could smell my tires for days.

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