Sunoco E98 Race Fuel, 54 Gallon Drum

Sunoco E98 Race Fuel, 54 Gallon Drum
Sunoco Race Fuels
440.00 LBS

Sunoco E98 Ethanol Race Fuel in 54 Gallon Drums is 98 percent Denatured Alcohol. 

Sunoco E98 is a blended racing fuel that contains 98% Ethanol. Due to its high concentration of oxygenates there will be considerably higher fuel flow compared to conventional non-oxygenated fuel. Consult with your fuel injection system or carburetor supplier for correct air/fuel ratio calibrations. 

Sunoco E98 does not contain metallic additives and will not harm oxygen sensors. It should be stored in dark, tightly sealed containers where the temperature is stable. Handled under such conditions, shelf life is in excess of 1 year. Check with your fuel system and fuel container manufacturers for compatibility with ethanol and E98 blends. 

This product is produced to meet ASTM standard D4806 standard specification for Denatured Fuel Ethanol for blending with gasoline. Denatured content is guaranteed to be between 1.96% and 2.5% volume, inclusive, with an approved denaturant using metered volumes. It contains a corrosion inhibitor added at a treat rate of up to 30 PTB. 

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    Great price, fast shipping

    Posted by Harry on Oct 08 2020

    Even though shipping fuel is hazardous the costs were much more affordable when going with a drum and pallet freight. Great to be able to order online and get it right to our door. Will buy again!

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