Sunoco Evo 10 105 Octane Race Fuel, 5 Gallon Pail

Sunoco Evo 10 105 Octane Race Fuel, 5 Gallon Pail
Sunoco Race Fuels
40.00 LBS

Sunoco Evo 10 105 Octane, Unleaded Racing Fuel in 5 Gallon Pails is Sunoco's highest available octane in an unleaded fuel. 

This fuel is sanctioned by: ANDRA DRAG RACING and IHRA Motorsports 

Sunoco Evo 10 is a high octane, highly oxygenated, unleaded race fuel. This fuel pushes the unleaded octane limit to new heights using highly refined ingredients. Evo 10 produced a 17% HP gain against 93 octane pump gas when tested at our local performance tuning shop. Their race tune took full advantage of Evo 10’s high octane and extra oxygen on a boosted V8 engine. This fuel will offer added performance to naturally aspirated engines as well. Evo 10 is designed for full race applications and applications that can run street/race tune. 

Sunoco Evo 10 when properly stored is stable for 2 years and is safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. 

Note: exposure to sun light (ultraviolet light) can degrade the octane of this fuel and must be avoided. 


Color  Plasma Green 
Octane (R+M)/2  105 
Research Octane  110 
Motor Octane  100 
Specific Gravity  0.765 
Weight (lbs/gallon)  6.4 
Reid Vapor Pressure (PSI)  7.1 
10% Evaporation (°F)  139 
50% Evaporation (°F)  164 
90% Evaporation (°F)  222 
Stoichiometric Air/Fuel Ratio  13.0 
Oxygen (weight%)  10.0 
Ethanol (volume%)  30 
H/C Ratio  1.96 
Lower Heating Value (Btu/Gallon)  104,600 
Lower Heating Value (Btu/Pound)  16,400 
Dielectric Constant  19 
Leaded  No 

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