Sunoco Standard 110 Octane Race Fuel, 54 Gallon Drum

Sunoco Standard 110 Octane Race Fuel, 54 Gallon Drum
Sunoco Race Fuels
440.00 LBS

Sunoco Standard 110 Octane, Leaded Racing Fuel in 54 Gallon Drums is the most popular race fuel for all forms of motor sports. 

This fuel is sanctioned by: NHRA, ARCA CRA Super Series, ARCA Midwest Tour, Competition Riders of America, Florida Outlaws Racing Series, National Champion Racing Association, Pro All Star Series, SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series, US F1 Powerboat Tour, World Carting Association. 

Sunoco Standard is designed for compression ratios up to about 13:1 in conventional V8 engines with iron cylinder heads.  It can tolerate higher compression ratios in aluminum cylinder head applications or engines with smaller or more efficient combustion chambers.  While most racers use this fuel in naturally aspirated applications, it is also a good choice for mild nitrous, turbocharged, and supercharged applications. Sunoco Standard is not legal for on-road use but can be used in Road Course Racing, Asphalt Oval Racing, Dirt Oval Racing, Off-road Racing, Rally Racing, Drag Racing, Truck and Tractor Pulling, Motorcycle Road Course, Off-road Motorcycle and ATV Racing, Karts, Boats and Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles, Muscle Cars and Vintage Cars, Miscellaneous Nitrous, Superchargers, Turbocharged vehicles. 

Sunoco Standard features a comprehensive additive package to enhance shelf life by improving stability and minimizing oxidation.  It should be stored in opaque, tightly sealed containers and kept where temperatures are stable. Properly stored, the shelf life of Sunoco Standard is in excess of 2 years. 


Color  Purple 
Octane (R+M)/2  110 
Research Octane  114 
Motor Octane  106 
Specific Gravity  0.729 
Weight (lbs/gallon)  6.1 
Reid Vapor Pressure (PSI)  5.6 
10% Evaporation (°F)  174 
50% Evaporation (°F)  220 
90% Evaporation (°F)  245 
Stoichiometric Air/Fuel Ratio  14.9 
Oxygen (weight%) 
Ethanol (volume%) 
H/C Ratio  2.06 
Lower Heating Value (Btu/Gallon)  11340 
Lower Heating Value (Btu/Pound)  18700 
Dielectric Constant  -0.02 
Leaded  YES 

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  • 5
    Octane racing fuel

    Posted by Allyson Secord on Oct 05 2021

    My husband was extremely pleased!!

  • 4
    Sunoco 110 standard

    Posted by Thomas Tucker on Sep 24 2021

    Great service delivered it right up to my shop doors

  • 5
    WoW! This, is it.

    Posted by MoPar S/C 440 Bee on Jul 21 2021

    I drive/Race a 69.5 Dodge 451 Six Pack Super bee, ran a lot of different trial/error mixes (440 "Stroked", Diamond pistons, 11:1). Won't run ANYTHING ELSE. Car gained 2 seconds and 14mph in 1/4 mi! The 5 Gal pails DO make a cool "Man Cave" addotion as well.. Next to my 1970 Buddy Baker Goodyear tires. Hellcats, Vettes? Stand NO chance now.

  • 5
    Great fuel from a great dealer

    Posted by TODD DAMON on Jun 22 2021

    This leaded fuel has ended my ethanol-inflicted fuel pump and carburetor woes that have plagued my vintage car collection for years. Terrific fuel and prompt, consistent shipping. Thanks, PSC!

  • 5
    Standard 110 by the barrel

    Posted by Local racer on Apr 15 2021

    Awesome experience. Staff was curtious an helpfull. Product arrived on time an in perfect condition. I highly recommend PSC

  • 5
    Perfect for fueling up often

    Posted by Danny B. on Oct 01 2020

    Great prices, shipping with a pallet of four drums severely reduced the price to get it to us overall.

  • 4

    Posted by Chris Beall on Apr 17 2020

    Very satisfied with company and product very disappointed in Carrier that was used for shipping they set up an appointment time for a 4 hour window and missed the window by 2 hours and 15 minutes Contacted customer service and get no satisfaction. Other than that very pleased

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