Synthetic PAG/Ester Compressor Oils

Synthetic PAG/Ester Compressor Oils are premium quality, synthetic, and biodegradable lubricants developed for use in centrifugal and rotary air compressors and are formulated to outperform conventional oil-based compressor lubes.

Synthetic polyalkylene glycol (PAG) and ester base fluids are first blended to combine the dynamic metal-preserving properties of both lubricant bases. These synthetic fluids blend thoroughly and provide the extreme pressure performance of PAG (without the EP additives*) and the heat and cold-resistant properties of ester-based fluids.

Petroleum Service Company offers Synthetic PAG/Ester Blend Compressor Oils which provide superior performance in all areas when compared with mineral oil-based compressor lubricants.

*EP additives are formulated to prevent adhesive wear but, due to their chemical components, are not applicable to every system.

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