Compressor Oils

Compressors are used in a wide variety of applications and come in what seems to be an endless amount of sizes and configurations. In the simplest terms, compressors are used to compress gas or liquids in order to create higher pressure or greater flow.

While there is never-ending types of compressors, one that is familiar to most of us would be the one found in service stations that is used to pressurize air to fill tires or run a mechanic’s tools. Now, take that compressor and think of a how big it would have to be to run an entire manufacturing plant with pneumatic machinery. These are very large units that produce high volumes of air. Another good example is Gas Pipelines. Without compressors, it would be very difficult to get gas and oil supplied across the entire country. Pipelines use strategically located compressor stations to keep the flow of oil and gas moving across the entire world. But did you know an example of a compressor that pretty much all of us use on a daily basis? A Refrigerant Compressor. Whether it is your refrigerator/freezer or your cars AC, they run off a compressor that compresses a gas. The types & sizes of compressors used across our country is almost endless.

So, with all these varieties of compressors, there is one thing that is the same with all of them. They all require lubrication to protect their moving parts. Unfortunately, the types of compressor lubricants that are available are more vast than the compressors themselves. And when it comes to compressor lubricants, not all are created equal and some are not compatible with each other which can prove very detrimental to the performance of your compressor. 

At PSC we recommend, for topping off, you identify exactly what lubricant is being used in your compressor and use our Compressor Oil Manufacture Cross Reference to select a product that best matches that lubricant in performance and quality. For complete oil change outs, you can find available lubricants below based on the type of compressor, type of compatible base fluid and ultimately by the oil viscosity requirement.

I you have any questions or concerns about what is the proper compressor oil, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at of toll free number: 1-877-987-3805

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