Compressor Oils

Compressors are complex, expensive machines capable of handling a variety of tasks both industrial and mobile - yet, increasing technology in the field of air and gas compression continually leads to smaller and more affordable air/gas compressor options: machines often seen in home garages or workshops.

Small, personal-use compressors act as a means of power sourcing: these machines are exceptionally versatile, capable of implementing the compressed air in specific air tools. These may include nail guns, spray guns, and other tools previously inaccessible to hobbyists.

As compressors increase in size, so too does their power-sourcing capabilities. Mobile, or portable, compressors are generally hauled by capable vehicles and can greatly range in size. These, too, can handle a variety of tasks, but these machines may generally be considered tools intended for a specific purpose. A large, mobile compressor, for example, can handle the chore of providing the snow you see on ski slopes, while a smaller mobile compressor could provide the force necessary to power a jackhammer and other construction equipment.

Industrial compressors - due to their increased size and therefore volume of compressed air or gas - can generally be found in most manufacturing plants and can handle a great degree of pressure and industrial tasks. These machines can range from fairly affordable to upwards of $60,000. However, the cost of these machines better represents their ability to handle a high degree of performance for a sustained period of time. Some of these machines are capable of providing air to an entire industrial plant, or operating machinery that produces tens of thousands of products every day.

Whether upgrading your home tool kit or running an industrial plant, compressors are complex and often expensive tools that require care and mindfulness, especially while in operation. Your compressor lubricant should be treated no differently: these fluids are exceedingly precise - a fluid ideally suited to one type of compressor may not meet the exacting demands of another machine. With such high operating temperatures and pressures, it is very important to select the correct compressor lubricant for your machine.


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