Synthetic Polyglycol Gear Oils

Synthetic Polyglycol Gear Lubricants are non-petroleum gear fluids that operate similarly or better than conventional oil-based lubricants depending upon the application, which can range from enclosed gears to bearings and compressors.

PSC's selection of polyglycol-based gear lubricants provide excellent anti-wear properties and unparalleled friction-reduction while posing no threat to bronze, copper, or brass components in gear mechanisms.*

The unique properties of Synthetic Polyglycol Gear Lubricants from BlueSky are capable of assisting in extreme pressure situations without any EP additives. Petroleum Service Company's selection of Synthetic Polyglycol Gear Lubricants offer exceptional thermal stability and antiwear properties while reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency.

*NOTE: Should a gear be made of an aluminum-bronze alloy, polyglycol-based lubricants are not recommended due to unfavorable reactions and subsequent increased wear.

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