Water Base Paint

 Petroleum Service Company provides environmentally friendly, high performance water base paint for customers desiring superior corrosion protection and compliance with their local or state VOC and HAPS regulations.

Tectyl 2423 water base undercoating is used on the US Military's HUMVEES during the refurbishment process each vehicle receives when it returns for maintenance.

Tectyl 3335 is zero volatile organic compounds (0 VOC’s) and zero HAPS (0 HAPS) air dry waterborne corrosion inhibitor coating for ferrous and nonferrous metals. Tectyl 3335 is formulated to provide excellent adhesion, hardness and durability over most substrates including primers, e-coat and oily steel. Tectyl 3335 is a chip guard that can be recoated with most automotive topcoats. 

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