Corrosion Protection for Transportation Equipment

Petroleum Service Company offers a wide range of rust preventative paints, undercoating products, liquid applied sound dampeners (LASD) and engine break in lubricants for the protection of a variety of transportation equipment applications including truck trailers, intermodal container/chassis, transit and school buses, ships/barges, tanks, subway cars and other railroad related equipment. Petroleum Service Company provides Daubert Chemical Company's Tectyl Industrial Products, Nox-Rust Protective Coatings and V-Damp Sound Deadeners as well as competing products from Z-Technologies (formerly Ziebart International), PPG Industries and Sherwin Williams. We inventory undercoating/sound deadeners that meet Mil-C-62218 (Tectyl 517 & Tectyl 518), Mil-C-0083933 (Tectyl 517), Federal Standards TTC-520B (Tectyl 121B), Federal Standard 297E (Tectyl 517) and United States Postal Office Maintenance Bulletin POD-V-82-80. Petroleum Service Company supplies OEM's and aftermarket shops rust preventative undercoating products consisting of rubberized, asphalt, wax and paint technologies to protect automobiles, beverage bodies, stake trucks, tractor trailers, package delivery vans and dump bodies. Petroleum Service Company delivers internal combustion engine oil and corrosion inhibitors meeting General Motors Electro Motive Division Approval #130-01-26, Mil-PRF-21260E and Mil-C-21260E. Petroleum Service Company stock Tectyl 506EWWD and Tectyl 517 which carry AAR approval for protection of railroads axles and wheel components. Petroleum Service Company distributes military approved and commercially accepted ballast tank coatings. All of these products can be purchased in totes, drums, kegs, pails, quarts, pints and the Z-Guard 8000 wax is available in undercoating aerosols. Each corrosion preventative product has a detailed material safety data and technical data sheet. The different corrosion protection products that Petroleum Service Company offers include: Solvent Base Asphalt Undercoating/Sound Deadener, Water Base Asphalts Undercoating/Sound Deadener, Solvent Base Wax, Water Base Wax, Solvent Base Paint, Water Base Paint, and Z-Guard 8000 Undercoating

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