Water Resistant

Water-resistant Greases are formulated to protect rolling elements and bearing raceways of marine equipment (and other applications where water contamination is an issue) by counterbalancing the effects of water infiltration into these critical machine components.

Common greases, though somewhat resistant to water, are not specified for use in marine environments or in applications in which fresh or salt water can enter a machine. Moreover, though most greases have some minor water-resistant properties, these greases are not suited to withstand the mere force of a high-pressure splash of water - instead, these greases will wash right away. Water Resistance Greases have outstanding resistance to water washout while thoroughly lubricating and protecting.

Water-Resistant Greases still uphold the excellent oxidation resistance and increased thermal stability of high-performance greases while maintaining their high-performance in wet or corrosive environments. These greases are increasingly resistant to salt water corrosion.

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