Wax Based Automotive Undercoatings

Wax Based Undercoatings are the ultimate coating when compared to Asphalt or Rubberized Undercoatings. First and foremost they provide protection for up to 15 years and beyond. They require less surface preparation because they are “Rust Encapsulating”, meaning they can be applied over areas with light rust and will stop further rusting. They provide outstanding adhesion to most surfaces and actually expel and seals out moisture. Wax based coatings also require a thinner film thickness which means you will use less product versus Asphalts. They maintain their flexibility over time and are self-healing when it comes to chips and scratches.

Wax Based Coatings can be more expensive but their benefits far outweigh their upfront cost. If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your vehicles underbody, look no further then undercoating with a wax base.

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