AeroShell Oil W80 | 55 Gallon Drum

AeroShell Oil W80 | 55 Gallon Drum
467.00 LBS

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Aeroshell Oil W80, 55 gallon drum, is a premium ashless dispersant lubricating oil for 4-Stroke cycle certificated aircraft piston engines. It has been proven in billions of engine hours around the world, including service in fuel-injected and turbocharged engines. It also has the following benefits: 

  • Helps keep engines clean and free of sludge 
  • Good antiwear and antifoam properties 
  • Compatibility with most other approved aviation oils including straight mineral oils, other single grade AD oils and AeroShell Oil W 15w-50 
  • Available in a full range of viscosity grades to meet your requirements 


  • Four-stroke cycle certificated aircraft reciprocating piston engines, including fuel-injected and turbocharged (Where a MIL-L-22851 or SAE J 1899 oil is specified) 
  • Aviation radial engines 
  • Lycoming and Continental flat aviation engines 
  • Not recommended for use in automotive engines converted to aircraft 
  • Always check with the engine manufacturer or rebuilders for specific recommendation for your engine and applications or call the AeroShell help line at 1-800-782-7852 

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