Berkebile 2+2 Airline Anti-Freeze

Berkebile 2+2 Airline Anti-Freeze

0.00 LBS

Berkebile 2+2 Airline Anti-Freeze, is specially blended with a rust inhibitor and lubricant to prevent air brakes and lines from freezing. 


  • Prevents air brakes and lines from freezing
  • Lubricates seals to prevent drying of rubber seals
  • Contains a rust-inhibitor


For Filling Alcohol Evaporators: Slowly remove filler cap to release any pressure in the air lines. Open drain cock on bottom of reservoir to drain any moisture or contaminants, then close drain cock. Fill reservoir with Berkebile 2+2 Airline Antifreeze
For Filling Alcohol Injectors: Fill jar about two-thirds full of liquid. When compressor is compressing air, bubbles should be passing through the alcohol. Check to insure all connections are tight and fill cap and cover are in good condition.

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