Berkebile 2+2 Isopropyl Gas Line Anti-Freeze

Berkebile 2+2 Isopropyl Gas Line Anti-Freeze

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Berkebile 2+2 Isopropyl Gas Line Anti-Freeze, removes more water and is safer on the fuel system than cheaper methanol formulations because it allows the water to mix with the fuel and be burned in the combustion process. This formula may be used in winter to prevent frozen lines and in summer to remove harmful moisture. Recommended for use in all domestic and foreign cars and 4-cycle engines. Please refer to diesel engine Manufacture's Manual before adding to diesel engines.

It also has the following benefits: 

  • Removes water from fuel 
  • Works 4 times better than cheaper methanol blends 
  • Recommended for both fuel injected and carbureted engines 
  • Safe on sensors 
  • prevents fuel system freezing 
  • 99% pure 


For maximum effective, always add Berkebile 2+2 Isopropyl Gas Line Anti-Freeze before filling tank. 

Cars: Add one bottle for every 10,000 miles. 4-Cycle-Add one ounce for each gallon of gasoline. 

Diesels: Add 2 to 4 bottles per saddle tank (approximately 50 gallons). 

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