Engine Oil for Natural Gas Vehicles

By on Feb 19 2013

Check out this article from FleetOwner.com on two new releases from Phillips 66, Gaurdol NG and Kendall Super-D NG, for Natural Gas Vehicles. Any thoughts?

New Natural Gas Lubricants from Phillips 66 or Read Below.

Two new natural gas engine oils have been released by Phillips 66 Lubricants. The Guardol NG and Kendall Super-D NG oils will be tri-branded across the company's product lines (Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 Lubricants).

The two oils are for use in compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) heavy-duty trucks as well as natural-gas powered mobile equipment.

Guardol NG and Kendall Super-D NG replace Phillips 66 Lubricants' discontinued 76 Triton VGEO Plus, with the formulation remaining the same to meet the enhanced wear protection requirements of diesel-conversion natural gas engines, the company said.

With more of our customers seeking alternatives to traditional fuel due to its cost, availability and impact on the environment, we're committed to providing them with the superior products they need for a seamless transition, " said Bernie Wallendorf, director, commercial products, Phillips 66 Lubricants. By expanding the Guardol and Kendall product line which our customers know and trust to include natural gas engine oils, Phillips 66 Lubricants has shown that we greatly value our customers and their business. "

According to Phillips 66, lubricants for natural gas-fired engines must protect against a larger range of conditions than diesel engine lubricants. The new oils offer the following benefits:

  • Temperature and oxidation control
  • Balanced ash content to prevent valve stem deposits and reduce valve seat recession
  • Shear stability
  • Exhaust after-treatment protection

The newly-branded oils are approved for the Cummins CES20074 and Detroit Diesel 93K216 specifications. In addition, they provide protection against scuffing, wear, rust and corrosion. They also have outstanding foam, aeration and nitration resistance, and their high dispersancy protects against sludge and varnish formation, the company added.

Guardol NG and Kendall Super-D NG are available now in bulk and drums and will soon be offered in gallon jugs.

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