Chevron Black Pearl Grease EP NLGI 2 | 35 Pound Pail

Chevron Black Pearl Grease EP NLGI 2 | 35 Pound Pail
38.00 LBS

Chevron Black Pearl Grease EP, 35 pound pail, is a high-performance, extreme-pressure polyurea grease designed to function in both heavy-duty industrial and automotive applications. This lubricant gets its name from its shiny, black color.

Black Pearl Grease, an NLGI 2 grease, is commonly used on hydraulic presses, industrial-grade bearings, and on conveyors. Additionally, this grease may be applied to chassis points, wheel bearings, water pumps, fifth wheels, steering system bearings, and kingpins.

These Chevron EP greases are registered by NSF as lubricants wherein there is no possibility of contact with food (H2 lubricants). These greases are designed to function as an automotive greases used on wheel bearings and automotive chassis and are approved for the NLGI Certification Mark GC-LB based on ASTM D4950.

Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent Pumpability
  • High Load Capacity
  • Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Water Resistance
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Long Lubricant Life


The Black Pearl line from Chevron are Extreme-Pressure greases designed to handle heavy-duty lubrication applications.

These semi-solid lubricants contain a special additive package that allow for increased film strength and excellent adhesive properties. The product is smooth and buttery in consistency which allows for easy application in difficult areas within industrial machinery or automobiles. EP greases are formulated to stay in place and stick to bearing surfaces; one of the most versatile greases on the market, Black Pearl Grease by Chevron is designed to provide outstanding pumpability and performance over a wide range of operating conditions.

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    Superior EP-Grease

    Posted by None on Sep 19 2016

    We had used this grease in the past and had gone away from it due to cost here locally. We were using greases that would get runny under the extreme heat of the desert southwest, luckily not having bearing failure, and also not real happy with the performance of those greases. Now finding this grease at a much cheaper cost from PSC, we are back to the grease that we liked using. The Chevron Black Pearl works well under extreme conditions like high heat temps, not burning up and seeping out the dust caps getting all over the front wheels, creating extra work for our mechanics is a huge plus as well as the tone rings on the back of the front rotors getting plugged up with grease and dirt. This is a very good product, you will not be disappointed.

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