Chevron SRI Grease 2 | 40/14 Ounce Tubes

Chevron SRI Grease 2 | 40/14 Ounce Tubes
35.00 LBS

Chevron’s SRI Grease 2, 40/14 ounce tubes, is a high temperature polyuria electric motor grease formulated for use in a wide range of both automotive and industrial applications.

This NSF registered product is acceptable for use as a lubricant where there’s no possibility of food contact (H2) in and around food processing areas. This ball and roller bearing grease also passes the Static Bearing Rust test, ASTM D5969, with 10% synthetic sea water. Compared to conventional lithium greases, this Chevron NLGI 2 grade grease has a much greater bearing life under high speed and high temperature operations.

It is a multipurpose lubricant and is recommended for use in a variety of applications, including high temperature operations (302°F and higher), high speed operations (antifriction bearings operating at 10,000 rpm and greater), and situations where water or salt water will likely get into the bearings. 

Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent high temperature performance
  • Superior rust protection
  • Wide application range
  • Long lubrication life


NLGI 2 grade greases from Chevron are formulated using highly refined base stocks, a modern ashless, organic polyuria thickener, and high performance rust and oxidation inhibitors. They are designed to withstand rust in severe applications that electric motors are exposed to while in operation. This grease can also be used as a “life pack” lubricant in sealed bearings. This lubricant has a smooth, buttery texture and is dark green.

Note: on motors where horsepower and load are high on the roller bearing, and EP grease should be used, such as Black Pearl® Grease EP, which is fully compatible with SRI Grease 2.

This product is available in 35 lb. pails, 40/1 tubes, and 10/1 tubes.

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