Cim-Tek 300HS-10 | 10 Micron Hydrosorb Fuel Filter

Cim-Tek 300HS-10 | 10 Micron Hydrosorb Fuel Filter
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1.38 LBS

Cim-Tek 70059 Particulate Removal/ Water Absorbing Filter (3 3/4" x 5 1/2", 1" - 12 Thread)

  • Up to 25 gpm
  • 10 micron Hydrosorb media
  • 50 psi maximum working pressure
  • Removes water, dirt, dust & rust
  • For use with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel blends up to B20, and ultra-low sulfur diesel
  • Pre-lubed gaskets on all Cim-Tek filters except high alcohol content (BHA) filters, which use Vitcon gaskets

Cim-Tek Fuel Filter Applications

  • Designed for fuel dispensers and commercial fueling pumps
  • Cellulose and hydrosorb filters are for use with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, or ultra-low sulfer diesel (ULSD)
  • Alcohol Monitors for ethanol blends up to E15 (MB)
  • Microglass filters for bio diesel blends up to B100 (BMG)
  • High-alcohol content filters for E85 (BHA)

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