ComStar Super Heat

ComStar Super Heat
0.00 LBS

ComStar Super Heat, 8 in 1 Fuel Treatment

Comstar Super Heat Fuel Oil Treatment when used regularly, may eliminate all problems associated with cold weather, combustion efficiency & carbon build-up. One pint treats 550 gallons. It provides the following benefits to your home heating oil system:

  • Melts ice in outdoor heating oil tanks and plumbing
  • Lowers pour point of heating oil so it doesn't Gel
  • Controls wax crystal from forming
  • Eliminates water build-up in heating oil tanks and filters
  • Dissolves sludge from heating oil tanks and lines
  • Cleans strainers, filters, and nozzles
  • Reduces soot by 50% in heating oil furnaces
  • Eliminates bacteria growth in heating oil

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