ComStar Super Heat

ComStar Super Heat

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ComStar Super Heat, 8 in 1 Fuel Treatment

Comstar Super Heat Fuel Oil Treatment when used regularly, may eliminate all problems associated with cold weather, combustion efficiency & carbon build-up. One pint treats 550 gallons. It provides the following benefits to your home heating oil system:

  • Melts ice in outdoor heating oil tanks and plumbing
  • Lowers pour point of heating oil so it doesn't Gel
  • Controls wax crystal from forming
  • Eliminates water build-up in heating oil tanks and filters
  • Dissolves sludge from heating oil tanks and lines
  • Cleans strainers, filters, and nozzles
  • Reduces soot by 50% in heating oil furnaces
  • Eliminates bacteria growth in heating oil

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  • 5
    Comstar super heat

    Posted by Harold Jenkins on Jan 09 2024

    This additive is the best I have ever used. I have been in the oil heat service for over 30 years, and this product works.

  • 5
    Comstar super heat

    Posted by Harold S Jenkins on Dec 28 2022

    These additive lives up to its name. It does what it says it will do. I had a bucket with fuel oil and water that froze and crystalized in the bottom. I put 15 to 20 drops in it, maybe a few more and let it sit. 30 min. later most of the ice was gone. The fuel came from a customer's outside oil tank. This stuff works. A+++

  • 5
    Super heat fuel treatment

    Posted by Ian on Jan 10 2022

    Easy to order, good product price, reasonable delivery charges, timely delivery, solid value.

  • 5
    Results from Super Heat

    Posted by Peter T on Feb 22 2021

    I've had issues in the past with home heating oil congealing/gelling in the line between the outdoor tank and the oil burner (I live in the Northeast). The oil burner service technician recommended that I add 1/2 bottle of Super Heat to my oil tank at every delivery in cold months. I've been doing that for the past few years and that seems to solve the problem. I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting using Super Heat!

  • 5
    great item

    Posted by Harold S Jenkins on Feb 08 2021

    This product does what is says. I watched it melt ice.

  • 5
    Can believe how fast you shipped product to me.

    Posted by N/A on Jan 22 2021

    Have used this product for years...

  • 5
    lives up to its name and then some

    Posted by None on Dec 01 2019

    added it to my tank i could tell fuel impurities were eliminated white tips on the flames

  • 5
    Comstar Superheat

    Posted by None on Jan 31 2019

    Older large oil tank that probably has built up more sludge over the years. Oil company recommended use of this product to decrease the clogging up of the lines. Use it for every oil delivery about 2-3 times/year & haven’t had any issues since using. Used for about 5 years now.

  • 4

    Posted by PT REX on Jan 29 2019

    Because of the relatively long run of piping from my outdoor fuel oil tank to my oil burner, I've had issue sin the past with the fuel oil gelling and not reaching my oil burner. The oil company technicians recommended adding 8 ounces of SuperHeat every time I get a fuel oil delivery. It hasn't ended the problem completely, but it happens much less often. It works.

  • 4
    Efficient Product

    Posted by I.V. - Putnam County,New York on Feb 05 2018

    After a recommendation of a friend i used this product 3 months ago. My oil tank is 275 gallons so it took to fill-ups to use a bottle. I found that the burner wwas more efficient after using this product ,the energy consumption decreased and i extended my regular refueling time by a week. All this on a time period that the temperatures plummeted down to -10. I will encourage you to use this product and monitor the results of your oil burmer.

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