Diesel Fuel Anti-gels

Diesel Fuel Anti-Gels are specially formulated additives designed to prevent the crystallization and eventual gelling of the paraffin present in diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel gelling occurs when the paraffin (or, wax) content of diesel fuel begins to solidify as temperatures fall below freezing. When diesel fuel is subject to gelling, it may no longer flow freely through the fuel lines and engine components -- this issue is difficult to address once it has already occurred.

Thus, it is recommended to keep several bottles of anti-gel handy when low temperatures pose a risk to the operation of your diesel engine. The problem may be avoided entirely before it starts with the timely employment of a Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel additive in your gas tank.

Even if your local gas station offers winter-blend diesel fuel, the additive chemistry at work in the fuel is likely not enough to prevent fuel gelling: you may just find yourself changing filters in a snowstorm.

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