Diesel Fuel Additives

Diesel Fuel Additives will keep your diesel-powered vehicle on the road and out of the shop.

Untreated diesel fuel, while an efficient energy source, may lack a sufficient amount of additive technology to truly boost the performance of diesel engines and increase fuel economy. In addition to their increased reliability and efficiency, Diesel engines are problematically heavier, more expensive, and may be more susceptible to sludge build-up, fuel gelling, and various other issues that may limit performance.

Generally speaking, Diesel Fuel Additives may be classified into four sub-types:

  • Engine Performance
  • Fuel Handling
  • Fuel Stability
  • Contaminant Control

While some manufacturers include various degrees of each sub-type of aftermarket additives, most diesel fuel additives are designated to handle one task very well.

The key aspect of choosing the right additive is determining the exact source of the problem that you wish to address or hope to avoid - isolate the problematic areas, and know ahead of time which specific issue you seek to resolve.

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