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Dinitrol 4941 Easy Application and Quick-Drying Asphalt Bitumen-Based Underbody Coating Corrosion Protection for Full or Partial Vehicle Underbody Applications

DINITROL 4941 / CAR is a solvent-borne and bitumen-based, long-term protective underbody coating used for complete or partial applications on the underbody of cars and other vehicles undergoing production treatment, at PDI's, as well as within aftermarket applications.
This solvent-borne coating dries to form a firm, flexible, universal black film with increased wear resistance and adhesion on all clean and dry metallic surfaces, with zinc, rubber, and plastic parts being completely unharmed by this asphalt coating.

Formulated with a Bitumen base, also known as asphalt or tar, this black and sticky, semi-solid form of petroleum is utilized as a versatile construction material hailed for its incredible adhesive and temperature-resistant properties.
DINITROL 4941 / CAR is also suitable as an anticorrosive coating for transport and warehousing, designed with component protection for effective use on spare parts, machines, and iron/steel structures exposed to extremely corrosive conditions.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Referenced to help identify original equipment parts and help determine their compatibility with specific vehicle models or production years.

Simple to apply, this coating easily adheres to applied surfaces in temperatures as low as -20°C and resists heat up to 130°C.
DINITROL 4941 / CAR delivers robust underbody protection and wear resistance in the toughest environments.


  • DINITROL 4941 / CAR can be applied directly to clean, dry and corrosion free surfaces.
  • If corrosion is present, DINITROL ML or a DINITROL cavity wax shall be applied before.

For additional product information as well as storage and handling requirements, refer to the Product Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet provided on this page.

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Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet (Spray)

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