Environmentally Friendly Short-Term Rust

Petroleum Service Company carries a wide variety of Zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Hazardous Air Pollutants-Free (HAPS) Tectyl protective coatings for General Industrial Short Term Corrosion Protection.

The 0 VOC and HAPS Free Tectyl rust preventative coatings for short term corrosion protection are typically called Environmentally Friendly. Environmentally Friendly Tectyl coatings are formulated to protect ferrous and non-ferrous industrial parts and transportation components. Tectyl coatings protect fabricated, stamped and machined metal parts and components during the manufacturing process, domestic and international shipment and covered or indoor storage.

Tectyl 901 EV is a water displacing, penetrating and lubricating biodegradable corrosion preventive. Tectyl 901 EV is formulated with esters of soybean and other materials that are completely biodegradable.

Nox-Rust Safecote 638-159 is a carefully selected blend of corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and surfactants designed to deposit a soft greasy film from a water emulsion system.

Tectyl 300G Clear is a water-based corrosion inhibitor coating that provides a clear, hard and flexible barrier against corrosive environments on ferrous and non-ferrous fabrications and industrial components.

Tectyl 3217 is a fast drying water-based coating designed to protect unfinished metal and industrial finishes from the damaging effects of acid and solid particle fallout. Tectyl 3217's dry film is tack-free to prevent dust and dirt pick up. Tectyl 3217 is excellent for use on aluminum and galvanized surfaces.

All of these products can be purchased in totes, drums, kegs, pails quarts and pints. Each corrosion preventative product has a detailed material safety data and technical data sheet.

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