Tectyl 3217

Tectyl 3217

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Tectyl 3217, is a fast-drying, water-base coating designed to protect unfinished metal and industrial finishes from the damaging effects of acid and solid particle fallout during transit and storage. The dry film is tack-free to prevent dust and dirt pick-up and eliminates water spotting caused by acidic rain or hard water. 

This product is an excellent preservative for the storage or transit protection of finished and unfinished automotive parts and is excellent for use on aluminum and galvanized surfaces. 

Surface Preparation: The maximum performance of this product can be achieved only when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust, oil and mill scale. Daubert Chemical Company recommends that the metal substrate temperature be 50-95F (10-35C) at the time of product application. 
This product is formulated to be used as supplied. 

✓ - Ensure uniform consistency prior to use. 
✓ - Continued stirring is generally not required. 
✓ - If product thickens, contact Daubert Chemical Company.* 
✓ - Ambient/product temp at time of application: 50 - 95F.** 
✓ - May be spray, dip, or flowcoat applied. 
Removal: The dry film is not normally intended for removal. The product can be stenciled over after the film is cured. If removability is a factor, contact Daubert Chemical Company and samples should be evaluated prior to application. 

  • Store product at temperatures between 50-95F (10-35C). 
  • Mild agitation is recommended prior to use. 

CAUTION: Adequate ventilation is required for cure. Refer to Daubert's Safety Data Sheet for additional handling and first aid information. 

NOTE: The addition of any product over or under this coating is not recommended. The use of additional coatings could result in chemical incompatibility, thus adversely affecting the performance of this coating as stated in the lab data section. If a product other than Daubert Chemical Company's recommended product is required, written authorization must be obtained from Daubert Chemical Company, Inc. 

*This may occur due to cold storage or loss of solvent during use 
**Or, 10 - 35C according to Daubert Chemical Company recommendations.

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