Food Grade Grease

Food Grade Greases are lubricants approved for use in food processing equipment in canneries, meat-packing plants, and bottling plants. Considering the high pressure situations within which food machinery tends to operate, Food Grade Grease is formulated with Extreme-Pressure (EP) additives that do not pose any health risks when incidental food contact occurs.

Food Grade Greases are registered by NSF International as H1 lubricants - this registration indicates that these greases are capable of being used in situations where possible contact with food may transpire. Ordinary oils and greases with typical additive technology often pose risks to health if consumed.

Maintaining the performance characteristics of premium quality greases including excellent oxidation resistance and antiwear properties, Food Grade Greases are suitable for operations occurring under high-stress and high-temperatures. These greases adhere well to metals, are nonstaining, and maintain high-performance levels in a wide range of temperatures.

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