Mobilgrease FM 222 Grease

Mobilgrease FM 222 Grease

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Mobilgrease FM 222 NLGI 2 Food Grade Grease

Mobilgrease FM 222 is a high performance multi-purpose grease that is designed specifically for the lubrication of food processing machinery. This grease is white in color and is formulated with an aluminum complex thickener that meets the FDA requirements of CFR 178.3570, Chapter 21, and is NSF registered as H1 classified lubricants. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Excellent water resistance and rust protection 
  • NSF H1 registered 
  • DIN51825 certified 
  • Kosher/Parve & Halal approved 
  • Manufactured in facilities registered to ISO 21469 
  • FDA CFR 178.3570 21 


  • General rotating equipment lubrication 
  • Conveyor bearings 
  • Anti-friction roller bearings under heavy or shock loading 
  • Linkages and slides 
  • Joints 

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