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FUCHS TITAN CHF 11S Central Hydraulic Fluid

TITAN CHF 11S is a Premium Performance power steering and central Hydraulic Oil with a wide application and approval profile for various manufacturersThe exclusive additives technology in combination with the specifically selected base oils offers optimum performance results in hydraulic systems. TITAN CHF 11S unique viscosity temperature behavior and the outstanding performance in the cold temperature range guarantee optimum operation at all system temperatures. TITAN CHF 11S is also highly compatible with elastomers and electronic components in hydraulic control systems. Moreover, TITAN CHF 11S prevents pump wear and tear, thus ensuring reliable operation across the entire lifecycle of the component. These extraordinary performance capabilities are among the reasons why TITAN CHF 11S has such an impressive and unique performance and approvals profile in the steering and central hydraulics segment.

TITAN CHF 11S was developed specifically for use in automotive hydraulics systems that have to meet the highest technical standards and is used in a wide range of components: Power steering (used as the original fluid in VW, BMW, MB and other makes), level control, shock absorbers, hydro-pneumatic springs, stability and traction systems, electrical/hydraulic convertible roof controls, central locking systems, etc. TITAN CHF 11S boasts an exclusive spectrum of applications and is used as the initial filling fluid by many manufacturers.


  • FORD WSS-M2C204-A


  • CHRYSLER MS-11655B
  • MAN M 3289
  • MB-APPROVAL 345.0
  • PSA S71 2710
  • ZF TE-ML 02K (ZF000832)
  • VW TL 52 146 (G 002 000)

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