Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluids

Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluids for use in heavy duty applications are suited to handle the lubrication and power output demands of transmissions operating under severe service conditions or in large vehicles employing a powershift transmission. A popular specification for this type of transmission fluid would be Allison TES-295.

These types of ATF outperform mineral-based transmission fluids in all categories, Fully Synthetic Transmission Fluids are laboratory-engineered to provide the highest friction durability, thermal stability, and oxidation resistance: making these fluids the premium choice to lubricate, cool, and transmit power in your automatic transmission. These fluids are incredibly resilient and have a greatly extended lubricant life (when compared with mineral-based transmission fluids) and help to extend systems life.

Heavy-duty Automatic Transmission Fluids are applicable for use in trucks and buses operating in severe service conditions - this includes but is not limited to transit buses, intercity tour coaches, school buses, emergency vehicles, and recreational vehicles.

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