Heavy Duty Transmission Fluids

When PSC refers to "Heavy Duty Transmission Fluids" in this category, we are referring the automatic and manual transmission fluids used in Heavy duty Trucks, Buses and Off-Road Equipment. Transmissions transfer energy from the engine to the wheels in order to propel a vehicle forward. Transmission fluid lubricates, cools, and cleans the inside of the transmission.

Considering that transmission fluids serve a multitude functions in a given transmission, it is very important to select the proper fluid with the correct additive make-up as well as be diligent in maintaining fluid cleanliness. This fluid also aids in maintaining an ideal pressure inside the component in order for it to function properly. Once a fluid breaks down, the inside can overheat and cause transmission and vehicle operation failure.

Heavy-duty transmissions -- which are generally employed in vehicles that are excessive in weight and load-carrying capacity -- require even greater protection due to the increased stressed put on these components. Heavy-load carrying contributes to the quick deterioration of lower-quality transmission fluids and, as such, it is recommended to opt for the highest quality fluid considering its vital application. If you any questions regarding which transmission fluid will work best for your application, please call us at 1-855-899-7467.

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