Phillips 66 Triton 668 ATF

Phillips 66 Triton 668 ATF
Phillips 66 Lubricants

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Phillips 66 Triton 668 ATF Premium Full Synthetic, Heavy-Duty Automatic Transmission Fluid Approved For Allison TES-668 Truck & Bus Transmissions

Phillips 66® Triton 668 ATF is a premium fully-synthetic, heavy-duty automatic transmission fluid specifically designed for use in truck and bus transmissions operating under severe service conditions or in extended drain intervals, such as intercity transit buses, intercity tour coaches, school buses, emergency vehicles, recreational vehicles, refuse vehicles and commercial utility vehicles. 
Triton 668 ATF is OEM-approved (Approval No. 668-10182021) and highly recommended by Phillips 66® for service fill in Allison automatic transmissions where a TES-668 approved fluid is specified.

This high-quality transmission fluid delivers an abundance of benefits such as effective seal compatibility, foam resistance, as well as excellent shear stability and high load-carrying capacity to adequately protect against viscosity breakdown and wear.
Furthermore, its superior resistance to oxidation and thermal stability minimize the formation of harmful sludge and varnish, while its enhanced resistance to friction ensures smooth shifting and optimal transmission performance throughout the remaining life of the fluid. 

Triton 668 ATF has outstanding low temperature properties with a Pour Point of (-55 °C) for significantly easier shifting in colder weather and supplies year-round usefulness. 
Don't let the weather stop you, experience the difference superior protection and performance can make for all your heavy-duty automatic transmission needs with Triton 668 ATF.


  • Heavy-duty automatic transmissions in trucks and buses in extended drain or severe service
  • Allison automatic transmissions where a TES-668 approved fluid is specified
    (Approval No. 668-10182021)
  • Intercity transit Buses
  • Intercity tour Coaches
  • School Buses
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Refuse Vehicles
  • Commercial Utility Vehicles
  • Back-serviceable to Allison TES-295 applications and earlier

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Safety Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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