Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluids

Heavy Duty Manual Transmissions are often subject to high levels of friction and therefore require superior friction modifiers and other unique additives in their respective fluids in order to prevent wear of internal components.

Full-Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluids (MTFs) maintain high performance standards and outperform mineral-based transmission fluids in all areas. Synthetic-base transmission fluids tend to provide superior and seamless change between gears - the higher film strengths and better thermal stability contribute to the longer fluid life and increased wear protection of synthetic fluids.

Manual transmissions in heavy duty vehicles generally require specific fluids to alleviate the resistance and subsequent wear commonly encountered through the changing of gears. These fluids also serve to transfer power and act as a coolant. When opting to achieve the utmost in performance characteristics in your Manual Transmission Fluid, choose a fluid with a full-synthetic base.

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