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What's a High Viscosity Index Hydraulic (HVI) Oil?

Naturally, if you're operating a hydraulic system, you're going to be looking for a hydraulic oil. But even then it's not so simple, is it? Because you have different categories of hydraulic fluids...

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The Power of Fluids: The Unique Properties of Hydraulic Oils

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, machinery and engine lubrication has been a fundamental component of everyday life for most Americans. We employ lubricants in our machinery, engines, and vehicles every day. While many varieties of lubes exist, we can say that most are intended to...

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How to Find the Right Lubricant

If you've changed your own oil before, then chances are you know what the "w" in 5w-20 means (HINT: it stands for winter grade, or rating)...

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Cold Weather Hydraulic Fluid

Cold weather hydraulic fluids, commonly called HVI hydraulic oils, have a higher viscosity index than typical oils that allow them to flow in a much wider temperature range. These oils help prevent equipment failure and permanent damage to hydraulic systems operating in extreme cold or arctic conditions while reducing warm-up time and maintaining performance in sub-zero temperatures.


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