Kendall Hyken Glacial Blu Hydraulic Fluid

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Kendall Hyken Glacial Blu Hydraulic Fluid

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Kendall Hyken Glacial Blu ISO VG 15 Cold Temperature Hydraulic Oil

Kendall Hyken Glacial Blu Hydraulic Fluid, is a high-quality, ISO VG 15 low-viscosity antiwear hydraulic oil specially developed for use in industrial and mobile equipment operating at extremely low temperatures. It has a very high viscosity index and a low pour point for use in arctic conditions.

Kendall Hyken Glacial Blu Hydraulic Fluid may be used in land-based hydraulic systems where the equipment manufacturer specifies a MIL-H-5606 fluid. It is not recommended for aircraft use.

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It also has the following benefits:


  • Outstanding low-temperature properties
  • Very high viscosity index for use in arctic conditions
  • Good wear protection for hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Resists deposit formation and viscosity increase due to oxidation
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent water-separating properties
  • Good foam resistance
  • High dielectric strength for use in electrical service bucket trucks



  • Industrial and mobile equipment operating in cold climates
  • Bucket trucks (cherry pickers) used for servicing electrical power lines or for tree-trimming
  • Surface mining equipment

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  • 5
    great for snowplows

    Posted by Aaron on Oct 31 2017

    we run this in all of our snowplows works great and the savings is huge western plow fluid is $11.00 per qt you buy a 5 gal pail of this it comes out to $5.50 per qt.

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