Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp

Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp
Sunoco Lubricants

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Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp is an exceptionally high quality universal tractor hydraulic fluid specially formulated using synthetic chemistry to provide outstanding low temperature characteristics under the coldest conditions.  Designed to the same performance standards as our TH Fluid, Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp is intended for applications where a lower viscosity fluid is needed in all major brands of farm and off-road equipment that utilize a common fluid reservoir.  It meets the specs of John Deere J20D. 


Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp is designed for heavy duty transmissions, differentials, final drives, hydraulic systems, power steering systems, wet brakes, PTO's and hydrostatic drives. Suitable for top-up and re-fill of systems, Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp is also used for commercial transmission applications requiring Type A (Suffix A), Dexron and Type F fluids. 

Features & Benefits 

Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp utilizes special viscosity modifiers and synthetic componentry to provide excellent low temperature flow characteristics, and has enhanced frictional properties that optimize clutch and PTO performance. It is designed to improve PTO chatter control and has excellent clutch and elastomers compatibility.

It has a high viscosity index and is very shear stable while offering improved wet brakes control and excellent protection against rust, corrosion and yellow metal etching. Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp has superior low temperature, anti-wear, and extreme pressure properties to protect key components. 


API GL-4, Allison Type C-4, AGCO Power Fluid 821 XL, Case IH MS1210, MS1209, MS1207, MS1206, MS 1204-07/09, Case New Holland (CNH) MAT-3509, 3525, 3506, 3505, Caterpillar TO-2, Dennison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2, Fendt, Ford ESN M2C134-A/B/C/D, FNHA-2C-201.00,  FNHA-2-C-200.00, M2C86-B/C, M2C41-B, M2C48-A/B, International Harvester B-6 Hy-Tran, John Deere J14B/C, J20A/B, J20C (Hygard), J20D (Low Vis Hygard) J21A, Kubota UDT, UDT2 Fluids, Massey Ferguson M1110, M1127B, M1129A, M1143, M1141 (Permatran III), Minneapolis-Moline 35154, 35202, 35301, Sauer-Sundstrand Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid, VALTRA G2-08,  VCE (Volvo) WB 101, Vickers M-2950-S, I-286-S, 35VQ25, White Farm Equipment Q-1705, Q-1722, Q-1766B, Q-1802 (Type 55 Fluid), Q-1826 (HTF), ZF TE-ML 03E/05F/06E/06F/06K/17E/21F

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