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RV & Marine Antifreeze

PEAK® RV & MARINE ANTIFREEZE is ideal for winterizing all types of potable water plumbing systems including those in boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, vacation homes, as well as swimming pool filteration and heating systems...

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Engineering & Operating Guide

This guide provides basic product performance information, engineering data, and operating guidelines...

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Understanding Types of Lubricants: Base Oil Groups

Lubricants are primarily used to reduce the friction between two surfaces in mutual contact; in reducing friction, they also help reduce the heat generated when the surfaces move...

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Quality Base Oils: The Foundation of a Great Lubricant

Lubricants used in industrial or vehicular applications are generally comprised of two components: a base oil and an additive package...

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Rick & Jim discuss the PEAK® line of antifreeze and coolants and their many applications.

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Rick and Jim discuss the DOW Chemical product line of heat transfer fluids, including DOWTHERM SR-1, DOWFROST, and DOWFROST HD, all available now at PSC.


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