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DOWFROST Concentrate is a propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid that is widely used for secondary cooling and heating applications, for freeze and burst protection of pipes, and for various deicing, defrosting, and dehumidifying applications. It contains specially formulated packages of industrial inhibitors that help prevent corrosion. It consists of 96% propylene glycol and 4% additives. DOWFROST Concentrate is especially useful in applications where toxicity is a concern, propylene glycol fluids are used because of their low acute oral toxicity vs. the moderate acute oral toxicity of ethylene glycols. Examples include applications where contact with drinking water is possible, food processing applications where accidental contact with food or beverage products could occur, and applications in localities where propylene glycol use is mandated by law.


  • HVAC system freeze/burst/corrosion protection
  • Immersion freezing
  • Cooling liquid foods
  • Packaging carbonated beverages
  • Fermentation cooling
  • Refrigeration coil defrosting
  • Cold room dehumidifying
  • Conveyor roller defrosting
  • Process cooling
  • Process heating
  • Waste heat recovery

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  • 5
    Excellent customer service

    Posted by Mark Otto Fairlife on Dec 06 2021

    Excellent product and customer service. Thanks!

  • 5
    Excellent Service

    Posted by none on May 23 2019

    Product came quickly as described.

  • 4
    5 Gal container not what pictured

    Posted by Allan MacDonald on Jun 12 2017

    It would have been good if the container in the photo was like the product. The container required a bung wrench the one in the photo didn't. An option or recommendation for coloring would also be useful as the product is colorless.

  • 4
    Great product.

    Posted by John on Nov 25 2016

    Excellent product. Just wish it had a color or odor.

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