Industrial Grade, Solvent Based Red, 1000 Spray Primer

Industrial Grade, Solvent Based Red, 1000 Spray Primer

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The Industrial Grade, Solvent Based Red, 1000 Spray Primer is our premium industrial grade solvent base rust preventative metal primer. This high­ quality spray primer is formulated as a lead and chrome-free shop primer that meets the performance requirements of the Steel Structures Paint Council, Paint specification No. 7 and No. 25.  The cure paint film meets SSPC paint specification No. 15 and TT-P664D.

Designed to provide long-lasting protection and durability, Industrial Grade, Solvent Based Red, 1000 Spray Primer is rust inhibitive and will withstand 500 hours of 5% salt fog at 2 dry mils, and 350 hours at 1 dry mil as tested in accordance with ASTM B 117. It can also withstand 500 hours of water soak and UV exposure when tested according to ASTM D 4585. 

This primer is fast air drying, high solids, alkyd primer designed to protect structural steel in pre-construction outdoor exposure.  This high solid content ensures adequate protection of sharp edges, corners, and welds while maintaining low VOC's.  This primer can be welded through to yield sound welds, and it can be recoated after just one hour. The red color of this primer provides an excellent base for further coating, ensuring the perfect finish every time. 

With its outstanding performance, Industrial Grade, Solvent Based Red, 1000 Spray Primer is the perfect choice for industrial, commercial, and DIY projects. If you're looking to prime a surface before painting or coating, this primer is an excellent solution that delivers superior protection and coverage to your metal surfaces such as structural steel, railings, equipment and machinery. 

The spray application of this primer makes it incredibly easy to use, saving you time and effort compared to traditional brush or roller application.

Order your Industrial Grade, Solvent Based Red, 1000 Spray Primer today and experience the power of a high-quality primer that provides superior protection and durability for your metal surfaces. 

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