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ISO VG 100, Diester Synthetic Compressor Oils

ISO 100 Diester Based Synthetic Air Compressor Lubricants. These Diester-based fluids are commonly used in place of mineral oil-based lubricants due to their increased ability to reduce friction while maintaining very high viscosity index: meaning it will function consistently regardless of high or low temperatures. Also known as Dibasic Acid Ester, Diester has exceptional detergent qualities for removing build-up and debris.

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  • Mobil Rarus 827

  • Chevron Cetus DE 100

  • Shell Corena S4 P 100

  • Phillips 66 Syndustrial R&O Oil 100

  • Sunoco Challenge D/E Syn 100

  • BlueSky Alto Syn D 100

  • BlueSky Alto Syn D 125