ISO VG 320 | Blower Lubricants

Positive-displacement blower machines manufactured by companies such as Roots, Gardner Denver, Duroflow, and Sutorbilt require lubricants that can withstand the unique operating conditions within which these tools operate. ISO VG 320 blower lubricants are formulated from premium base stocks and blended with additives designed to handle the demands of these machine-types. Increasing productivity while increasing safety due to the elimination of drag and resistance, blower lubricants are designed to provide outstanding lubrication while resisting rust and extending machine life.

ISO VG 320 oils have a midpoint kinematic viscosity of 320 mm2/s (or Cst, centistokes). This number is equivalent to an average of the minimum and maximum viscosities derived from AGMA testing. In the case of an AGMA 6 oil, these numbers are 288 mPa.S and 352 mPa.S respectively. Though these numbers do roughly equate to the same thing, it is best to consult with OEM specifications before employing any new oil in a system or machine.

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