ISO VG 320 | Rust & Oxidation Oil | Mineral Base

Refined from the finest petroleum sources, PSC's selection of ISO VG 320, R&O Bearing Oils in mineral base stocks provide excellent industrial lubrication at reasonable prices. Though these oils are commonly used to lubricate bearings of different types, they are also designed to fulfill lubrication tasks of all shapes in sizes in an industrial plant. Some of these applications include the lubrication of various compressors, geardrives, other gear operated machinery, circulation systems, and others. Often referred to as simply bearing oil, these lubricants can operate out of their comfort zone with excellent results - please consult OEM specifications before using these lubricants in your machines.

ISO VG 320 oils have a midpoint kinematic viscosity of 320 mm2/s (or Cst, centistokes). This number is equivalent to an average of the minimum and maximum viscosities derived from AGMA testing. In the case of an AGMA 6 oil, these numbers are 288 mPa.S and 352 mPa.S respectively. Though these numbers do roughly equate to the same thing, it is best to consult with OEM specifications before employing any new oil in a system or machine.

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