ISO VG 68 | Compressor Oil | Synthetic PAO Base

Polyalphaolefins, or PAO, are synthetic hydrocarbons which act as the base fluid for some of the most extensively-used synthetic oil blends in industrial applications. These synthetic oils are lab-engineered with excellent lubricant characteristics that allow these fluids to achieve high performance in the presence of high temperatures and pressures. These synthetic lubricants may be used in various compressor types and can often outperform mineral-based fluids.

ISO VG 68 oils have a midpoint kinematic viscosity of 68 mm2/s, also referred to as centistokes (cSt). The midpoint is derived by taking the average of both the minimum and maximum kinematic viscosities. In the case of ISO VG 68 oil (also AGMA 2 oil), those numbers are 61.2 cSt and 74.8 cSt, respectively. These numbers refer to the standard testing mechanisms used to determine how much resistance to flow (i.e. viscosity) these oils demonstrate.

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