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FUCHS RENOLIN UNISYN OL High Performance Synthetic ISO VG 68 Air Compressor Oil 

RENOLIN UNISYN OL is made from a selection of special synthetic base oils and additive systems making long, interruption-free operation possible. To ensure optimum performance of the oil separator, the air release properties and low foaming are characteristic for screw compressor oils. 

This product offers long service life while meeting the increased requirements of compressor manufacturers on the service life of compressor oils. Benefits include a low foaming tendency and evaporation loss, stellar air release properties, general suitability for high-temperature applications, excellent deep temperature flowability, corrosion protection, viscosity-temperature behavior, superb wear protection, good demulsifying properties, and a high oxidation stability. 


RENOLIN UNISYN OL products are recommended for use in flooded or oil injection screw-type air compressors (ISO VG 32, 46, 68) and for piston and rotary vane compressors (ISO VG 100, 150). 

These products should always be used if mineral oil-based products are found to display insufficient thermal stability (resistance to ageing) or poor viscosity-temperature behavior. Compared to mineral oil-based oils, RENOLIN UNISYN OL products foam less, offer increased demulsification and have superior air release properties. 

The use of RENOLIN UNISYN OL products is especially recommended in unfavorable conditions and at high temperatures in which other oils fail because they allow coke to form, thus leading to unacceptably short oil life. These oils are also recommended for compressors which are subject to extreme loads.

Compared to mineral oil products, the life of RENOLIN UNISYN OL products is considerably longer, operational reliability is much improved and breakdowns are effectively reduced (service intervals can be extended). RENOLIN UNISYN OL products can also be used as hydraulic fluids, especially with good low-temperature behavior. 


  • DIN 51-506: VDL 
  • ISO DP 6521 (draft): L-DAB, L-DAH/L-DAG 
  • DIN 51-524: HLP, (HVLP) 

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