Johnsen's Octane Boost

Johnsen's Octane Boost

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JOHNSEN'S Octane Boost, is a fuel additive formulated to help eliminate knocking and pinging, improve combustion, help prevent fuel systems from freezing, and increase octane in fuel. 1 Bottle treats up to 21 gallons of gasoline. 


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    Posted by Jeffrey Roof on Feb 15 2018

    Well first all like the title says I don't usually waste my time reviewing anything. But my situation is probably not totally unique and I would have killed to have this info prior to buying this product. I took a 2014 Cadillac CTSV which is a company car and put a smaller pulley on the supercharger and larger injectors, billy boat cat deletes and an airaid cold air intake system on it. Then I had it dyno tuned, we ended up 667HP, 564HP of which reached the rear wheels. Afterwards I had an additional 4lbs of boost. My dilemma was that my company was not willing to pay for the premium fuel. So I started doing research on Octane Boosters and I found this product, all the others have these fancy labels and descriptions that promise the world. But the car really did not change from running those products with regular unleaded to running premium with no booster. So here is this product without a single review and I decided to take a chance on it. Knowing there were others out there just like me, maybe not with free gas but feeling the pain of the addition cost of fuel. I had tried several of the name brand products, but my transition from no boost to boost where it goes to the secondary rich map was abrupt. The tuner went out with me on several drives and continued to add a delay going into the secondary map and we were able to make the transition much smoother but it was still was a bit raw, my car is a manual by the way and the tuner said that exacerbated the decel popping but that at the end of the day I'd have to live with it. The power was so intoxicating I decided it was livable. But then when the company got the first gas card bill, well the SHTF with the boss, but he finally agreed to let me pay the difference in cost each month which was going to be approximately 90 to 120 per bucks a month. So I went looking for Octane Boosters and found this product. So yesterday I received my first order of this product, 3 cases to the front door for just a under a 100 bucks. Should last me 3 months plus. My first fill up was this morning and even though the product says it treats 21 or 23 gallons, I put a whole bottle in on a 15 gallon fill up. I have to say that it totally transformed the car. The very first thing I noticed was the transition from no boost to boost is so smooth that you almost don't even feel a transition. Then absolutely no decel pop what so ever, no matter how high and what RPM / gear I down shift too, it was gone. The third noticeable change was the car got much quieter, some people might not appreciate this but I do. I can honestly say I've never seen anything have this much effect on any motorized vehicle. I have to say at this point I'm very curious as to how the car would run now with this product and premium fuel. My only complaint is that all the smoothness seems to have taken power away. I've got Torque Pro Q and I know what it did before and I'm eager to test that part of it. But going and coming from work you just don't get enough clear road to honk down on 600 plus horsepower. So we shall see. Update, sorry for the delay but it turns out I had turned the traction control on since it had been raining and that was what was causing the feeling I experienced of losing power. I'm also going to try this in my bikes as soon as riding season gets here. I had a BMW that spark knocked really bad way back when and I used the STP booster, I would have loved to see how this product worked on that bike, but it is long gone.

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