K100-G+ Gasoline Treatment

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K100-G+ Gasoline Treatment

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K100 G+ Gasoline Treatment 

K100-G+ Gasoline Treatment which was formerly know as K100 MG contains enhanced stabilizers to keep fuel fresh, essential for equipment that will sit for extended time between uses. This formula's unique organic chemistry will even fix equipment that has been sitting a while and won't start or runs roughly. K100 G+ Gasoline Treatment eliminates water in the fuel to prevent winter freeze-ups and phase separation in E-10, and improves fuel performance by altering the burn chemistry for more complete combustion, boosting the octane, and reducing oil fumes and toxic emissions. 


  • Prevents phase separation in ethanol blended gasoline 
  • Eliminates water and all water related problems 
  • Stabilizes fuel for up to two years, and keeps it fresh 
  • Increases Octane/Cetane ratings 1 1⁄2 to 2 points 
  • Replaces lost lubricity in LSD, ULSD and K-1 winter blends 
  • Cleans engines and fuel systems for better mileage, easier starts, smoother idle, more power and better acceleration 
  • Reduces black smoke, unburned hydrocarbons, CO and particulate emissions 
  • Reduces maintenance costs and down time and extends engine life 

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  • 5
    K100 gas

    Posted by John Wilber on Oct 28 2022

    Love the product

  • 5
    Fuel additive

    Posted by Rob on Nov 03 2021

    Best stuff on the market today

  • 5
    Fuel stabilizer

    Posted by Robert on Apr 14 2021

    Best fuel stabilizer on the market

  • 5
    Good value

    Posted by Robert Sperry on Feb 16 2021

    Good value

  • 5

    Posted by n/a on Dec 01 2020

    Works like a charm. I've been using K100 for about 7 years now when winterizing my 2 cars for storage. Every year taking them out in the spring I've never had a problem and cars run like the day I put them away. I use it in my mower, dirt bikes, side by side, and my nieces four wheeler and haven't had to take the carbs out of any of them for cleaning since using the K100. It's a must for anything with gas that's gonna sit.

  • 5
    K100G gas treatment

    Posted by Rogeroverandout on Oct 30 2020

    K100 is the best gas treatment hands down. With the addition of stabilizer you have your cake and eat it to!

  • 5
    Best fuel treatment I have used

    Posted by Chris Locke on Jul 16 2020

    I use this in my boat and truck, and have used in things that are not running well. usually this clears up the problem if it is related to old or bad fuel.

  • 5
    K 100

    Posted by James Anderson on Mar 06 2020

    Amazing. After disassembling my Onan generators carb twice and finding a yellowish gel plugging up the bowl and jets, and the problem was starting to recur a third time, and reading about the ethanol phase separation on your web site, I transfer pumped all the gas in my 32 gallon tank to 5 gallon cans and refilled the tank with fresh gasoline, changing out the water separator fuel filter, and adding a double strength mix of the K 100. (4- 8 oz. bottles) I decided not to pull the carb again but did manage to get the generator started , and it was still surging and running badly after 15 minutes. I shut it off and left it over night with the new K 100 treated gas in the carb, and came out next day and started it, only to find after a couple of bucks and kicks, it ran super smoothly, like a kitten. I filled my old car with the old gas and added K 100 to the tank and haven't had a problem. I'm sold. Thank you.

  • 5

    Posted by Shane on Feb 01 2019

    This is the best ethanol buster I have ever used. Has Saved me the time of many carb rebuilds by instilling inline to carb supply and soaking. Add to fresh fuel in tank. Run engine for short while. Most cases, "cured". Great product

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by SCOTT LAFAVE on Jul 25 2017

    Works great

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