Mobil Synthetic Oven Lube 1090

Mobil Synthetic Oven Lube 1090

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Mobil High Temperature, Silicone-Free, Synthetic Oven Lubricant 1090 Approved for Bijur Lubricating Systems & Meets DIN 51506:2013-12 VDL Requirements

Mobil Synthetic Oven Lube 1090 is a superior performing, high temperature lubricant designed to deliver powerful and reliable lubrication to hot conveyor chains in drying ovens or similar severe applications using carefully blended high-molecular-weight synthetic hydrocarbons and a synthetic ester base fluid with additional anti-wear additives.
This formulation provides this lubricant with enhanced stability in elevated temperatures, ensuring consistent protection, all while maintaining its viscosity and lubrication properties in demanding environments. 

Compared to mineral oil and conventional chain lubricants, Mobil Synthetic Oven Lube 1090 significantly reduces chain link, pinion, and bearing wear, while keeping chains free of carbon build-up resulting in reduced labor or maintenance costs.
Improvements to operational safety through less smoke being produced, and reduced energy consumption through reduced lubricant consumption.

Mobil Synthetic Oven Lube 1090 is designed to meet or exceed the critical high temperature needs of a variety of tough, high temperature, industrial chain drive applications.
The lubricant can be used in paint oven operations since there is no silicone to contaminate components prior to painting and to cause fish-eye imperfections in the paint surface. 

The molecular design synthetic products specially chosen for use in the Mobil Synthetic Oven Lube 1090 demonstrate the continuing commitment to using advanced technology to provide outstanding products. 
Reliable lubrication, high temperature thermal stability, anti-wear protection, and reduced energy consumption are just a few of the ways Mobil Synthetic Oven Lube 1090 ensures smooth and efficient conveyor operations subjected to harsher environmental conditions. 


Before changing to Mobil Synthetic Oven Lube 1090, existing deposits on the chains should be removed, if practical, to ensure optimum performance of the Mobil product.

  • Suitable for the lubrication of hot conveyor chains in drying ovens and tenter frames
  • Fibre Glass Insulation Manufacture
  • Particleboard, plastics, and textiles manufacture
  • Paint Oven Operations


  • Approved for DIN 51506:2013-12 VDL
  • ISO 220
  • ASTM D445
  • ASTM D2270

*Refer to Product Safety Data Sheet or Technical Data Sheet in the 'Product Data' Tab for additional product information.*

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Safety Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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