Moly Fortified

Moly Greases are high-performance lubricants designed to handle the harshest environments while reducing wear. Formulated with Molybdenum Disulfide, a compound that helps satisfy the severe lubrication requirements of heavy-duty industrial and construction equipment as well as automotive and/or heavy-duty vehicle applications, Moly Grease serves to lubricate and protect sliding surfaces and/or surfaces under great pressure.

Applications requiring a Moly-fortified Grease are usually very specific and therefore these greases are not often intended to be used as a general purpose lubricant. Part of the compound's excellent anti-wear properties come from Molybdenum, a very hard metal; when combined with Sulphur atoms, these molecules are attracted to the metal surfaces of machinery. The Molybdenum Disulfide molecules form protective layers that prevent metal-to-metal contact and smooth out the surfaces in operation, thus reducing operating temperatures and friction.

Moly Greases are designed, first and foremost, to reduce friction in extreme-pressure environments. This reduction in friction contributes to a decrease in heat, lower power consumption, and the lessening of build-up and oxidation. PSC's assortment of Moly Greases are recommended for use in AC and DC electric-drive haul trucks, cranes, scrapers, shovels, and drag lines operating under heavy or shock loads. These greases are also permitted for use in off-road and mining equipment manufactured by Caterpillar, Terex, Komatsu Dresser, and others.

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