Gulflex 5% Moly Grease #2

Gulflex 5% Moly Grease #2
Gulf Lubricants

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Gulflex Premium Lithium Complex Construction & Mining Grease with 5% Moly meeting requirements for Caterpillar MPGM & Mack MG-C

Gulflex 5% Moly Grease #2 is a premium heavy duty, extreme pressure, grey smooth grease with 5% molybdenum disulfide ('moly') designed primarily for agricultural, mining, and construction equipment applications, including most heavy-duty industrial applications requiring protection from heavy shock loading situations.

Fortified with 5% moly to meet Caterpillar's Multipurpose Molybdenum Grease (MPGM) requirements, Gulflex 5% Moly Grease #2 provides reserve protection preventing metal-to-metal contact as well as costly equipment downtime. The presence of moly is also very valuable in unclean environments or when proper re-greasing intervals are not followed.


  • Meets Caterpillar's Multipurpose Molybdenum Grease (MPGM) & Mack MG-C requirements 
  • Earthmoving equipment (farming/mining) 
  • Heavy shock loads 
  • Pivot pins 
  • On-highway truck fleets


  • High base oil viscosity 
  • Superb adhesion  
  • Low Oil Separation 
  • Superior rust/corrosion protection 
  • Exceptional load carrying capabilities 
  • Excellent wear protection 
  • Wet condition lubrication 
  • NLGI GC-LB certification (grease is suitable for use in wheel bearings or as a chassis lubricant) 


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