MotorStor Engine Protectant Aerosol

MotorStor Engine Protectant Aerosol

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MotorStor Engine Protectant

MotorStor provides the ultimate engine protection for seasonal or limited use equipment such as Boats, Motorcycles, ATV's, Snowmobiles, Lawn Equipment, Generators and yes... Airplanes. It meets MIL-PRF-46002C which is recommended by Continental Teledyne for the preservation of their aircraft engine. 

MOTORSTOR is a volatile corrosion-inhibitive lubricating oil for use in the preservation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts in enclosed systems such as Engines, Motors, Gearboxes, Fuel Tanks and Hydraulic Systems. 

MotorStor combines the protective properties of a preservative oil with those of volatile corrosion inhibitors that provides long-term protection of rust within what are termed "closed" systems or voids. 

Conventional lubricating or preservative oils are slushed or fogged into such systems and will drain away from the vertical metal surfaces in about six months, exposing the metal to moisture, condensation and corrosion. While MOTORSTOR also drains away, the vaporizing rust inhibitors evolving from the product spread throughout the void or system and neutralize the corrosion-causing tendency of moisture present in the air. MOTORSTOR, being highly fortified with contact inhibitors, also protects the metal below the liquid level.

Typical Applications

  •  To prevent rust corrosion in gasoline and diesel engines where you can turning over the motor with the ignition off, you can introduced MotorStor to the cylinders by spraying through the air intake while cranking the engine.
  • To treat Fuel Tanks and Injector Systems, spray 10 seconds for every gallon of capacity into the fuel tank. Spray an additional 3 seconds in in all openings including the Oil Fill and Spark Plug holes. Immediately replace all caps and spark plugs. 
  • For exterior metal surface protection, apply a liberal amount of MotorStor to the exposed surfaces. Do not wipe, solvent will evaporate leaving a protective wax like film. This is than easily removed with a detergent cleaner degreaser.
  • The unusual properties of MOTORSTOR can be used to advantage for winter lay-away of farm and road building equipment and for summer storage of school buses, snow plows, etc. It may also be fogged into shipping cases to protect unpainted auto and truck body parts during shipments.



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